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Dr. Nekkanti

Family and General Dentist

Dr. Devisree Nekkanti has years of experience helping patients of all age groups with dental treatments. She is known to guide her patients to overcome the fear of dental anxiety and achieve great-looking, long lasting oral health. She strives to build lasting relationships with her patients and treat everyone with empathy and kindness.

Dr. Nekkanti earned her DMD Degree from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Newark, NJ. During the years of formal training, she was recognized for her academic efforts as a member of Dean’s list. Prior to Dental school, Dr. Nekkanti completed an elite fellowship program in Orofacial pain and Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which provided her advanced expertise in treating patients suffering from neuropathic pain and TMJ problems. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Balbo award for presenting a research paper at the annual exposition held at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. In addition to the honors and accolades bestowed upon her, Dr. Nekkanti is an active member of the American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association. She is also a certified Invisalign dentist.

To keep abreast with the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Nekkanti attends CDE courses about latest developments in Dentistry such as Options, Limitations and Alternatives in real world dentistry, Occlusal and Esthetic Techniques, Oral Cancers and Oral Lesions.

At AK Dental, Dr. Nekkanti’s goal is to provide unparalleled comprehensive dental care to South Austin residents and also treat AK Dental as a place where people can come and feel listened to, cared for and respected. By providing dedicated time and attention to each patient needs, Dr. Nekkanti is able to address her patient’s concerns, offer personalized dental education, and develop a treatment plan that helps meet their needs.

Dr Nekkanti
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