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Dental Crowns In Austin, Texas

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown sits at the top of your tooth and is made to be prosthetic enamel, giving the tooth functionality and strength, allowing you to smile brightly and chew effectively. This can become necessary if your teeth, especially your molars, have become damaged to the point they require more than a filling can fix.

Crowns will provide a wide array of solutions for dental problems. Some advantages they offer are:

  • Adding needed strength to weak teeth
  • Restoring teeth to a naturally pleasing look
  • Provide covering for a dental implant
  • Covers teeth discolorations
  • Will attach dental bridges
  • Holding a filling together

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What are crowns made of?

Different materials are used in the creation of crowns:Ceramic – These crown types are popular since their color is often the best match for teeth. They are strong and long-lasting. They are incredibly esthetic and biomimetic, meaning that the gums and bone love the material and react well around them.

Metal/Gold – Metal crowns can be a mixture of various materials, including gold, nickel, and palladium. These last long in terms of wear and tear and are the easiest to apply, but they can have a metallic taste and are somewhat conspicuous. Metal is rarely used and usually just done if the patient prefers a gold crown.

Dental Crown Treatment

Does getting a crown take long?

Getting a crown fitting requires at least two visits to our office. The first visit entails prepping the tooth and receiving a temporary crown. During this step, your dentist will remove any tooth decay present and make an impression of your tooth for the future permanent crown. The second visit is the actual placement of the permanent crown.

A local anesthetic is applied so that the process will be painless. However, it is normal to feel some soreness or sensitivity for a little while after the treatment. The process should take about one to two hours.

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