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Dental Fillings in Austin, TX

Research indicates that dental caries is one of the most prevalent dental issues affecting children and adults worldwide. When decay caused by carious bacteria destroys the structural integrity of a tooth, a dental restoration or filling helps to rebuild its form. At AK Dental of Austin, we routinely provide dental fillings in Austin, TX, to restore the aesthetic and functional aspects of your teeth and preserve their natural structure. If you have a dental cavity and are unsure what to do, contact us for an expert opinion on dental restorations. Book an appointment today!

Types of Dental Fillings in Austin, TX

Our dentists aim to provide comprehensive solutions for all your dental concerns. Different types of dental fillings are available in Austin, each varying in strength, durability, and appearance. After a detailed evaluation of your oral cavity, we will choose a dental filling that best caters to your needs.


Dental restorations made of silver amalgam have been used for many decades. Despite amalgam being one of the most durable dental fillings, it has certain controversies due to the presence of mercury in it. The American Dental Association (ADA) has declared amalgam a safe dental filling, but many patients nowadays do not prefer it due to its metallic look and temperature sensitivity. We utilize amalgam fillings only for certain cases of cavities in posterior teeth.


Composite resin is a tooth-colored dental material that is ideal for correcting cosmetic dental issues. These fillings are durable and provide superior aesthetics compared to conventional amalgam fillings. Because they do not conduct heat, composite fillings also form a protective barrier for sensitive teeth to protect from hot and cold stimuli.


Porcelain is a common dental material that is used in the making of dental veneers, crowns, and bridges. Typically, porcelain is ideal for indirect dental fillings fabricated in a lab. Porcelain dental fillings in Austin, TX, are well-known for their striking resemblance to natural teeth. They may not be as durable as amalgam, but many other advantages make them an excellent dental restoration.

Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC)

Another type of natural-looking dental filling is glass ionomer cement, which bonds with your tooth structure, providing a tight seal. The primary advantage of GIC fillings is that they slowly release fluoride, which promotes stronger enamel and resistance against dental caries. Because they are not as durable, we usually reserve GIC fillings for restoring baby teeth, root cavities, or temporary restorations.

Get the Best Restorative Dental Care

If you are confused about which dental restoration would be most suitable for you, reach out to us. Our team is always available to help you with all your dental queries. To learn more about dental fillings in Austin, TX, visit our clinic or call us at (512) 653-3008 to schedule an appointment today!

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