How Do Dental Implants Work? | An In-Depth Look At The Procedure

Apr 15, 2023108 Views

Dental implants are a wonderful solution to missing or lost teeth. Once inserted, the titanium-based implant can remain in your jaw for a long time, making it a permanent treatment. But as amazing and popular as they are, how do dental implants work? To learn more about the in-depth procedure of dental implants, keep reading […]

6 Refreshing Drinks You Can Have After Tooth Extraction

Mar 30, 2023190 Views

Tooth extraction can be pretty daunting. Whether it’s a broken tooth that needs to be pulled or an impacted wisdom tooth, the pain that comes with it is the same. So, it’s only natural to want to celebrate after undergoing such an invasive surgery. But wait, before you order those celebratory drinks, you should probably […]

How Long Can A Root Canal Last Without A Crown Protecting It?

Mar 15, 2023138 Views

You’ve probably heard of root canals and how they’re so intrusive. But did you know that in most cases, a root canal is capped off by a crown? Since the bacteria are prone to eating your tooth, there usually isn’t much left to begin with. A crown, however, covers all those underlying vulnerabilities and protects […]


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