6 Refreshing Drinks You Can Have After Tooth Extraction

March 30, 2023

Tooth extraction can be pretty daunting. Whether it’s a broken tooth that needs to be pulled or an impacted wisdom tooth, the pain that comes with it is the same. So, it’s only natural to want to celebrate after undergoing such an invasive surgery.

But wait, before you order those celebratory drinks, you should probably consult your dentist. Given how sensitive your oral health is post-surgery, you can only drink a handful of beverages after tooth extraction.

To find out what these drinks are and when you can go back to enjoying your usual drink order, keep on reading this blog.

When Can I Drink Liquids After Tooth Extraction?

The timing of when you can enjoy your favorite drink is based on what it is. For instance, if you’re thirsty and need water, you can drink it after an hour or two of the procedure. However, if you’re craving a soda or a cocktail, it would be best to wait it out.

In most cases, any beverage that is acidic or contains caffeine should not be consumed immediately after. Wait for 48 to 72 hours before grabbing the drink you want.

What Can I Drink After Tooth Extraction?

If you’re particular about what beverages you enjoy, perhaps it might be time for an upgrade. Fizzy and caffeinated drinks may taste good, but they’re not good for your health. If anything, they can potentially harm your oral health and delay the recovery period altogether.

Thus, to avoid infecting the tooth extraction site, try indulging in the following drinks instead:


The safest, most helpful drink you can have is a glass of water. Not only does it hydrate you, but it also prevents dryness and infection in the tooth socket.


Packed with electrolytes, Gatorade is a hydrating beverage that boosts your energy and helps you power on.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapples are known to have tons of vitamins and manganese, which is why drinking pineapple juice can work in your favor since it reduces post-surgery swelling and pain.

Ginger Ale

Used to reduce inflammation and swelling, ginger ale is yet another great option to have. It’s delicious, refreshing, and gentle on the extraction site.

Seedless Smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent way to fill your stomach without having to chew on something solid. As long as you use seedless fruits (which means no strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries), you can have any smoothie combination you like.


You can’t go wrong with milk, even if you like it straight out of the box. Since it has all the calcium you need, you can swap regular dairy milk for any flavor of your choice. Such as bananas, strawberries, or even chocolate!

Drinks To Avoid Post-Extraction Surgery

Now that you have a fair idea of what is safe to drink after tooth extraction, you should also know what to avoid. Here are some drink options you should steer clear of, at least for a few days:

  • Coffee
  • Soda or anything fizzy
  • Alcohol
  • Apple juice (due to its acidity)
  • Energy drinks
  • Hot beverages (including tea)
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice

Long Story Short

Tooth extraction aftercare plays a major role in how soon you recover from the surgery. If you don’t want the socket to dry out or get infected, avoid consuming anything that might offset your recovery.

However, if you’re parched and need a drink, feel free to ask your dentist for advice on what you can drink. For more information, reach out to AK Dental of Austin at (512) 653-3008 or drop by our dental clinic at 7010 State Hwy 71, Austin, TX 78735, United States.


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